March 17, 2022

Retired Baseball Player Is Now an Artist Creating Resin and Wood Animal Sculptures

Retired baseball-player-turned-artist Blake McFarland creates sculptures of animals that are an enticing mixture of wood and epoxy resin. Combining the clear shine of resin with different colors of wood, the figures showcase the elegant beauty of the creatures’ forms while highlighting the materials and McFarland’s mastery of skills. One of McFarland’s latest pieces is The Whale, a title that speaks for itself.

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March 13, 2022

Dreamy Watercolor Portraits Capture Subjects in Moments of Introspection

Unlike oil and acrylic, watercolor can often feel like it has a life of its own. And while some artists find this aspect of the medium challenging, others find the unpredictability a source of creative inspiration. Painter Ali Cavanaugh harnesses these mysterious qualities in her series of exquisite watercolor portraits, which capture different subjects in moments of introspection. Cavanaugh received a degree in painting from Michigan's Kendall College of Art and Design, specializing in oil.

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March 11, 2022

Giant Brushstrokes Sweeps Across Canvases Revealing Exquisite Landscapes

The art of Munich-based painter David Ambarzumjan contains two pictures on one canvas. His ongoing series called Brushstrokes in Time juxtaposes present-day scenes of life on Earth with a view of the planet from a vastly different time period. Now, the artist adds to this creative experiment in the Miniature Collection, which places exquisite landscapes in an outer space setting. Ambarzumjan utilizes the power of a single broad brushstroke to convey the surreal image.

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