July 1, 2021

Sleep in a Giant Clamshell Villa at This Unique Island Resort in the Philippines

This proposal for the redevelopment of Tawi-Tawi’s island resort is characterized by massive clamshells that act as a roof over some villas. Designed by dada, the proposal includes villas, a restaurant, clubhouse, and new reception area. Though the clamshell is beautiful as a functional architectural feature, it also acts as a celebration of local culture. The clamshell form is elegantly abstracted to provide shade around each entrance to the villas.

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May 6, 2021

Musician Pharrell Williams Opens Art Deco Inspired ‘Goodtime Hotel’ in Miami Beach

Miami Beach now boasts another Art Deco gem thanks to “Happy” musician Pharrell Williams and entrepreneur David Grutman. The duo has opened Goodtime Hotel as an ode to the historic architecture found in South Beach and other Miami areas. After five years of design and planning of exterior work by Morris Adjmi, interior design by Ken Fulk, and landscape design by Raymond Jungles, the Goodtime Hotel is now accepting reservations.

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March 9, 2021

World’s First Space Hotel Will Become a Reality in 2027

Your travel bucket list may get a bit longer once you see this incredible space hotel. The Voyager Class space station will be the first tourist accommodations ever created in outer space and it is designed to carry approximately 400 passengers. The hotel includes 24 connected modules along a rotating wheel, a scheme that helps to adjust the levels of artificial gravity by increasing or decreasing the speed of rotation.

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October 26, 2020

This All-Pink Apartment in Madrid Is a Bubblegum Dream Vacation Spot

The idea of monochromatic spaces may bring to mind stark black and white rooms, but Patricia Bustos Studios redefines single-color spaces in this all-pink rental apartment. The designers used a bold color scheme to stand out amongst the tough vacation rental competition in Madrid. They use 12 shades of pink to style the small unit, creating a unique identity that the studio says they achieved through “aesthetic madness.

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