September 12, 2021

Hero Librarian From Timbuktu Saved Thousands of Historical Manuscripts From Being Destroyed

The fabled ancient city of Timbuktu, Mali, is a center of great learning. The permanent settlement of the city dates back to the 12th century when important caravan trade routes crisscrossed the Sahara and northern Africa. Beginning with the Mali Empire's rule of the city in the 14th century, it flourished in a Golden Age of early Islamic intellectualism. The thousands of texts produced during and after this period comprise the renowned manuscripts of Timbuktu.

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August 13, 2021

15+ Books That Capture the Magic and History of New York City

New York City is a special place. Home to millions, this energetic city also captures the fancies of tourists who fly thousands of miles to see the famous skyline. Art, literature, history—New York City has it all. The metropolis has a 400-year history and a present-day population of about eight and a half million people across its five boroughs. These years and lives represent countless American stories. There is no singular New York story.

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July 23, 2021

19 Awesome Books on the Long History of Photography

From the 1830s to today, photography has come a long way. We no longer use glass plates to capture negatives, and cameras can take many photos per second. To understand how photography evolved from processes such as the daguerreotype to the iPhone camera, one must read up on the history of the medium. This history is intwined with other developments of the past two centuries—including political turmoil, women's liberation, and the Civil Rights movement.

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June 2, 2021

My Modern Met on Bookshop: How You Can Help Support Independent Bookstores Online

Looking for a place to shop for books online that benefits independent bookstores? If so, you'll want to check out Bookshop. The online platform has made its mission one to “financially support local, independent bookstores.” Believing that they are essential to communities, Bookshop distributes a portion of its sales to these individual entities. My Modern Met is proud to be a partner in this great program, and we’ve even opened our own Bookshop.

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